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    Immediate download of 4-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. This is the digital version of the tape version (available up there).
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  • SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION TAPE (limited to 50 copies, includes a digital download and stickers!!!)
    Cassette + Digital Album

    I was born (musically speaking) during the mid 90's. Back then it was the golden age of tapes, making your own tapes, trying to make the perfect playlist (because you couldn't easily skip a song, you know, REWIND...) ALL THAT so you could listen to your walkman while walking in the streets following the rhythm of the music. Back then it was a revolution, that's the time when I started to play in rock bands, taping rehearsals with a cheap microphone and a lousy Walkman recorder. And for years it was the only sound that I had, the only way I could make people listen to my music, there was no internet back then, and it was the golden age of DEMOS, real ones, no unsigned artist could record a CD (except the richest)... So I guess, now, when I fantasize about MY SOUND, I dream about the perfect mix that the tape used to offer: it's like cooking, the magic of analog brings every element well balanced together and melts the kick / the voice / the snare / the guitar / the bass together into one only loveable element, and the tape does it perfectly. For years, my sound WAS tape sound. And it still IS.
    That’s why, when came the time to think about something to release to celebrate the debut of I’LL WRITE MY OWN, something strong and iconic, it immediately came to my mind that I had to make a special COLLECTOR’S EDITION tape (limited to 50 copies). Maybe one day I’m going to rearrange all this in a big studio, maybe one day I’m going to get signed by a big label, but for now, that is how I would like my music to be listened to… I would like to offer a real “DEMO” experience to people.

    For the TECH HEADS:

    In order to do so, I took the best of today's technology (24 bits/96hz), the comfort of editing on a computer, the latest plug ins and software and computer available (Waves plugs ins), and mixed that, and... I let the magic of analog do its own work with no "bouncing" process at the highest quality bit and sample rate.
    And last but not least, I have to say I recorded everything at home, for a real DEMO sound, and, without a MUSIC label...


    - FOUR SONGS: a 10 minute tape, 2 songs each side (follow the tracklist on Bandcamp), So when one side is over you’ll just have to sit down in your couch and relax, no big blanks, it's going to repeat itself over and over again!
    - Two stickers with IWMO logo that you can stick everywhere.
    - A brand new WHITE tape with IWMO written on each side with a beautiful printed sleeve.



    IT also includes IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD of the tracks in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
    So you can listen to it on your Ipod!!!
    (Choosing the highest quality would be my advice, but I must say, it’s not the perfect way of listening to it! Just listen to it on tape!)
    ALL THAT FOR ONLY 9e! Order now I’m only making 50 of THEM!
    You can also order the simple digital version, and pay more than 4 euros if you like!
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released July 22, 2010

ALL MUSIC written and produced by I'LL WRITE MY OWN
I'LL WRITE MY OWN is Julien Lannoy

my demo is also available at the record store "ground zero" in Paris,
23 rue Sainte Marthe
75010 PARIS
And at
La fabrique Balades Sonores,
1, Avenue Trudaine



all rights reserved


I'LL WRITE MY OWN Paris, France

I'll Write my Own is a one man rock band.
Savage VS Robotic

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